Get Started

We’ll first meet with you to discuss your fitness goals. Our trainers customize workouts to individual client goals and vary the exercises depending on your specific needs. Changing things up eliminates “exercise boredom” and provides a fun, challenging experience.

A starting commitment usually is for three months, as it takes six to eight weeks to first see changes in your body. Our role is to encourage and challenge you to achieve the results you want so working out and eating better is a habit you’ll create. How many times a week? At minimum, we would hope to see you twice a week.

We work with all age groups from young teens to seniors and individuals at different fitness levels. We also serve clients that have special health considerations or recent surgeries such as cardiac patients, individuals with joint and spinal issues, metabolic diseases and more.

We offer One-on-One Training, Small Group Classes (up to four people),  special Fiesta Fridays Group Workout ($10pp 6pm up to 12 people circuit training), and Saturday Group Special ($10pp 9am up to 12 people).

  • Total Body Conditioning
  • Sports Performance Training
  • Workouts for Seniors
  • Strength Training
  • Functional Training
  • Pre/Post Natal Fitness
  • Stretching Programs
  • One-on-One Training
  • Small Groups (up to four people)
  • Nutritional Coaching 

Our system of training utilizes free weights, ropes, cables, medicine balls, suspension trainers and more to target body fat, increase strength, tone muscle and accelerate your metabolism. We change workouts all the time to keep things fresh, fun and to challenge your body in new ways.

Let’s do this!


  • Personal training one-half hour  $35/session
    (for an additional $25/mo full access to facility during business hours)
  • Personal training one (1) hour  $70/session
    (for an additional $25/mo full access to facility during business hours) 
  • Small group (up to four people) one-half hour  $20/per person/session
  • Small group (up to four people) one (1) hour  $40/per person/session