Caroline Ehlers Certified Personal Trainer
Co-Owner, ForeverFit
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Caroline began her career as a Personal Trainer in 2007 and has worked with hundreds of clients. She is a Clemson Graduate with a Certification in Personal Fitness training at Greenville Tech. Her passion is to help her clients live a healthier lifestyle through great nutrition and exercise.

She’s always been athletic and fitness conscious.  She ran track starting in middle school and played basketball.  Her father was an athlete –a runner—and both of her parents stressed the importance of fitness in her life. “I’m very thankful for my parents’ early influence to stay on track to achieving a healthier lifestyle.”

Caroline has served as a personal trainer at three different fitness facilities in the Greenville SC area, working with men, women and young adults from ages 14 to 82.  She specializes in one-on-one and group training. She works closely with her clients to teach proper form, balance, and just overall awareness of what the body is capable of.

“I believe in finding just the right balance of being constantly challenging AND safe to avoid personal injury.”