I’ve been working with Karina at Forever Fit for 10 months, and it did not take very long to realize I was working with an incredibly well educated and experienced trainer. She has quite an extensive resume, but it is when you work with her one on one that you learn how passionate she is about the human body and what it is capable of. With her knowledge and passion she works hard to give you all the tools you need to reach your goals. She is no nonsense and all business while making your time together fun and productive. If you work with her, be ready to push yourself. After all, nothing worth doing is ever going to be easy. But, as you see your body change, you will realize that hard work with Karina is absolutely worth it.”
– Christin Gilkeson

Caroline and I have worked together for seven (7) years and she’s a terrific trainer.  The routines vary; I’m never bored, and I enjoy the progress we’ve made together.  She’s wonderful as an accountability partner helping me keep my health and fitness at its best.  Definitely worth the investment and time involved to stick with a training regimen.”
– Jan Belton

When I first sought a personal trainer, I had every intention of limiting myself to a few workouts. Little did I know that training with Karina Cross would become an addiction. I have had the opportunity to train with Karina for almost two (2) years, and she has opened up a whole new world of workouts for me. Her training style and vast knowledge of the human body are surpassed by no one. She creates and adapts workouts to her client’s physical abilities and goals, pushing us to be our best without sacrificing safety and perfect form. Karina is focused: she doesn’t allow anything to distract her client during a session. She truly gets to know her clients and understand their goals in order to help them reach their fullest potential. After years of maintaining the same physique, Karina taught me what my body needed in order to overcome my plateau and change my body, helping me to shed 7% body fat. More importantly, she taught me to trust the process: proper diet and exercise will yield results so long as the person is patient and committed. Karina is fit, focused and fierce. She is truly one-of-a-kind. I not only have the best trainer, I gained a friend. Words do little justice to Karina’s capabilities – she leaves the proof on the gym floor.”
– Sandra

I have been training with Caroline for two (2) – three (3) years.  We have competed in the Mud Run together, run 5k races together, and she inspires me constantly to be a more fit and healthier mom.  I would be lost without her!”
– Julie McHaffie

Caroline has been training me for the past three (3) years and I cannot believe the difference she has helped me make in my life. I have lost over 60 lbs with Caroline’s help. She gives her all and only wants the best for her clients.”
– Keith Herringshaw


I see Caroline more than I see my own children! She’s trained me five days a week, Monday through Friday, for eight years. If you want to work with someone who is flexible, reliable, and very skilled at varying workouts so that you don’t plateau, Caroline is the one. Caroline is always positive and encouraging. She helps me work toward my health goals in every way that she can.”
– Hope Murtaugh

Karina Cross is one of those rare personal trainers with not only extensive certifications and experience, but with an extraordinary ability to adapt and implement that knowledge most effectively for each individual client. Her familiarity with anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, body chemistry, nutrition, diet and the use of natural supplements is exceptional.

I speak from personal experience. Five years ago, I began training with Karina. I had suffered for years with periformis syndrome and with shoulder pain and limited range of motion. Today, my periformis syndrome is no longer an issue, and my shoulder has greater flexibility and strength with less irritation than before. An unexpected bonus was the reshaping of a part of my anatomy that I was convinced was beyond redemption. And Karina accomplished all of this with little or no cooperation or assistance from me beyond our three weekly half-hour sessions.

Another skill Karina possesses is the ability to modify any exercise to the client’s level of fitness or find an appropriate substitution without compromising the workout. In the five years that I have trained with her, I have never done the same routine twice. It is impossible to be bored or for one’s body to plateau. She can still surprise me with a new exercise or movement as her repertoire seems limitless. At 68 years of age, I now have better balance, coordination, tone and strength.

Having watched Karina interact with clients for all these years, I know that my success story is not the exception, but the rule. Her clients include the young, the elderly, post-surgery patients, pre- and post-pregnant women, people who simply desire a better quality of life. plus professional athletes, body builders and weight lifters. But above and beyond all of this, Karina truly cares about her clients. She is personally committed to producing the best possible results in each case. Any client equally committed will receive more than they pay for.”
– Sharon Stiepan